iOS 15 Public Beta 4 Download

iOS 15 Public Beta 4 Download

Apple will introduce iOS 15 at WWDC 2021, which will be held next year. You can use the public beta versions of iOS 15 by following the instructions below. But now, all of them can update to iOS 15 thanks to Apple’s public beta program. iOS 15 Public Beta 4 Download.

For years Apple has allowed any type of user to test the betas of its new operating systems, and the process is very simple. Now the public beta of iOS 15 is already available and we are going to tell you how you can download and install it on your iPhone.

How to install iOS 15 Beta without a developer account

iOS 15 Public Beta 4 Now Available

Apple has opened the public beta and any user can download and install iOS15 on their iPhone in a matter of minutes, below are the instructions, but first you should follow some recommendations to avoid problems, keep in mind that it is a beta.

iOS 15 Public Beta 4 Download

Previous recommendations

Betas often have problems, which can be more or less serious, it is possible that one beta works relatively well and the next one works worse. Betas are used to test different news and options, and some can give errors. Therefore, this is what you should keep in mind before installing the iOS15 public beta on your iPhone:

  • Check that you have an iPhone compatible with iOS 15, here is the complete list.
  • Please make a backup before installing the iOS15 Public Beta. If you go back to iOS 14, your copies of iOS15 will not be recoverable.
  • Some applications could malfunction, this is something that usually happens especially with bank apps, so keep that in mind.
  • The battery lasts less in the betas, it can be short or long, but the battery life is lower in the trial versions of iOS.
  • Your iPhone could slow down, get too hot, or restart without warning.

How to install the iOS 15 public beta 4 on the iPhone

Once you know everything that can happen to your iPhone when installing a beta, rest assured that it will not break and that you can always go back, below are the steps to follow to install the public beta of iOS15 on your iPhone:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the Apple website to test the public betas.
  • It is important that we access from the iPhone itself in which we want to install the beta.
  • Click on Sing up that appears below.
  • Weidentify ourselves with our Apple ID, if we don’t have an ID to test the betas we create one.
  • We select the operating system we want to install, in this case iOS15.
  • We go down to “Get Started” and click on enroll your iPhone.
  • Click on Download Profile.
  • The profile will be downloaded and we will have to go to Settings, it will appear at the top.
  • The iPhone will ask us to restart the device.
  • Once restarted we go to Settings> General> Software update and iOS 15 beta will appear, click on download, wait a few minutes and click on Install.
  • Installing iOS 15 beta 4 on the iPhone is very simple, from now on, as long as you do not delete the profile, you can install all the updates that Apple is releasing of its iOS 15 betas on your iPhone.

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