iOS 15 Beta Profile Download

iOS 15 Beta Profile Download

iOS 15.7.2 Beta Profile Download Free Link. iOS 15. Download Beta Profiles. As part of the WWDC 2021 Apple, a new version of iOS 15 has already been presented. The public has received a new set of features included in this update. It remains to be the case for the developers who, as part of the Apple beta program, will help bring the entire iOS to its logical conclusion.

The first beta of iOS 15 is available to developers today. Users with an Apple developer profile and a compatible iPhone or iPad can download iOS 15.7.2 beta to their device.

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Apple’s beta testing program targets developers around the world. With the involvement of third-party developers, the company launches a process of debugging and improving the necessary functions in IOS. Developers, in turn, are among the first to get access to the beta version of Apple IOS and give feedback to improve it. After several beta releases, public users will ideally get fully working firmware on their iPhones and iPads.

To download and install iOS15 beta on your device, you need to be members of the Apple Developer Program. Or wait for the release of the public beta, but it will appear not much later.

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How to install iOS 15 Beta without a developer account

How to Install iOS 15 Beta Profile on iPhone and iPad

To become part of the developer program and test beta versions of IOS, you need to choose one of the options.

First, you can enroll in the Apple Developer Program, which is paid and costs $ 99. Along with this, you will be able to access all beta Apple products including macOS, watchOS and tvOS. But, this option is valid for “developers”.

Secondly, you can subscribe to receive public versions of the firmware. This option is the most acceptable for most Apple device users. To do this, you need to open the Apple Beta page in the Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. After you sign up, you will be presented with a profile to download and install on your iOS device.

Download the profile file and install it. Next, your device will reboot. Next, go to Settings * General * Software Update. Installs iOS 15 firmware on your device.

Preparing For iOS 15 Beta – How to Download

How to back up iPhone or iPad data

If you have not yet installed beta versions and decided to participate in testing the firmware, there are a few nuances to pay attention to.

Any beta is a raw build of the firmware. At any time, it can crash and all data on your iPhone or other device will be lost. We recommend that you make a backup copy of all your data from this.. Otherwise, it’s good to have the beta version of IOS installed on a separate, non-primary device.

Before installing iOS 15.7.2 beta, we make a backup of all data, for this:

  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.
  2. Launch iTunes.
  3. Click on the iPhone or iPad icon in the menu bar when it appears.
  4. Make sure this PC is checked for backup. (And enable Encrypted backup)
  5. Click Back. (“Encrypt Backup” to set a password for more security).
  6. Click on backup.
  7. Press “Command”, “Settings” will open.
  8. Click “back up now”.

What data will be backed up:

  • All your device settings,
  • Data of working installed applications with profile data,
  • History of all messages, along with iMessage,
  • Apple Health data,
  • Photo and video files.

Install iOS 15 Beta without data loss

Here is another option for installing iOS 15 without using iTunes, for this:

  • We log into the Apple developer account by clicking on the link,(iOS 15 Beta Profile)
  • In the section “Additional resources” press the button “Download”.
  • In the “Featured Downloads” section, find the iOS 15 update.
  • Click on the blue “Download” button next to it.
  • In the window that appears, select where you want to install the profile. We choose iPhone or iPad.
  • We overload the device.
  • After turning on the device, go to the “Software update” section.
  • You can download the beta-version of iOS15. Click “Download and Install”.

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