iOS 15 Beta 1 Download

iOS 15 Beta 1 Download

iOS 15 Beta 1 Download. Following the WWDC 2021 presentation, Apple has released the first iOS 15 beta profile to registered developers. Regular users can also install it. This tutorial showed you how to install iOS 15beta 1 on iPhone right now.

Important: The first beta versions of the next generation iOS may be unstable.

iOS 15 Beta 1 Release Date: July 7

iOS 15 beta 1 released – how to install right now

Note: The same instructions will help you install iPadOS 15.

  1. From your Safari browser, follow this link to download the developer profile required to install iOS 15beta 1.
  2. Install the developer profile in the menu “Settings” → “General” → “Profile” (requires a reboot).
  3. After rebooting, go to Settings → General → Software Update and start downloading iOS 15 beta1. In the first days after the release of iOS15 beta 1, the download can take a long time due to the large influx of people who want to install the update.

When will iOS 15 public beta be released?

Apple will release the first publicbeta of iOS 15 in July. This is expected to happen closer to the middle of the month. Then Apple will release iOS 15 beta 2 to registered developers.

iOS 15Public Beta Download

When will the final version of iOS 15 be released?

The final version of iOS 15 for all users will be released in the fall. Most likely, the firmware release will happen in September. However, we note that adjustments are possible this year against the background of a complex epidemiological situation in the world. Because of this, Apple may postpone the presentation of the new iPhone 12, and with it the launch of the final version of iOS 15.

In addition, the late release of iOS 15 may be affected by the fact that the presentation of the operating system took place in the second half of June. Apple usually announces new iOS versions at the very beginning of June.


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