ios 15 public beta release date

When will iOS 15 public beta be released?

iOS 15 public beta release date. Apple is reporting that a public beta of iOS 15 will be available in July. After its release, users will be able to install iOS 15 Public on their iPhone or iPod touch without being a registered developer.

This does not mean that iOS 15 will not contain bugs or bugs. At the very least, it will be a fairly stable update for public testing. So more and more people will be able to use Apple’s new mobile operating system.

iOS 15 Public release date

Apple did not specify exactly when the iOS 15 public beta will be available in July. It could happen next week. We expect Apple to release the first iOS 15 PublicBeta 1 from mid to late July. So the release date for iOS 15Public Beta 1 will be from July 8 to July 20. The list of supported devices is similar to the developer beta.

iOS 15 Public release date: July 14

What if you’re not ready to beta test iOS 15? If so, you will have to wait at least 3 months to install iOS 15 on your iPhone. Any test build is not focused on stable work every day. Therefore, power users and developers test it on their non-mainstream devices.

How to download iOS 15 Beta

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