iOS 15 Public Beta 2 Download

iOS 15 Public Beta 2 Download

Apple will release the first public beta version of iOS and iPadOS 15 next year. A version that, although it is still in beta and contains bugs, Apple considers polished enough to deliver it further than to developers. Eager to try iOS 15 and iPadOS 15? We explain how to install them. iOS 15 Public Beta 2 Download.

Public betas, more stable but betas after all

Before starting the update process, the main recommendation is that we make a backup of our device in Finder (or iTunes). The reason for this is that the backup copies that the system makes automatically in iCloud replace the old ones, and the backup copies made in iOS 15 are not compatible with iOS 14. Therefore, if at any time we had to downgrade it is interesting to have a backup. With the copy completed, let’s see how to install iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, the steps are simple:

How to install iOS 15 Public Beta 2

  • We open the Apple public beta website on our iPhone or iPad.
  • If we haven’t done so yet, let’s touch Sign up to register. If we are already registered we touch Sign in to start session.
  • Fill in our username and password and access the web.
  • We enter the iOS or iPadOS section.
  • We move slightly downwards. Next to the Get started headline we tap on enroll your iOS device.
  • We touch on Download profile and Allow the download.
  • When we are informed that the profile has been downloaded we touch Accept.
  • We open the Settings app.
  • At the top, next to our name, we touch Downloaded profile.
  • Wetouch Install and enter the code for our iPhone.
  • We touchinstall to accept the conditions.
  • We touch Install again to confirm.
  • Wetouch Done or, if asked, Restart.
  • We enter Settings> General.
  • We enter Software Update.
  • When the public beta appears, click on Download and Install and enter the device code.

That easy. Once we have started the installation process, our iPhone or iPad will download all the necessary software and install it on the device. To do this it is necessary that the iPhone or iPad has a minimum battery, so it is always a good idea that we keep it plugged in during the process.

Apple’s public beta program draws the attention of many users, so in these first hours the download speed may be somewhat low, here we can only wait. Once our iPhone or iPad is on iOS or iPadOS 15 the following updates will occur via OTA, that is, in Settings> General> Software update.

How to install iOS 15 Beta without a developer account

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