iOS 15 GM (Golden master) Download

iOS 15 GM (Golden master) Download

The keynote has not finished well and Apple has already published the iOS 15 Golden Master (GM). The latest beta before the final version reaches all users. iOS 15 is now available for developers in this Golden Master version. In addition, it is most likely that it will be the same build that will reach all users in afewdays. iOS 15 GM (Golden master) Download.

After a summer full of betas, Apple has finally polished the operating system enough to have a final version to put on its new iPhones and older ones. We continue with betas, however, on the iPad, on the Apple Watch, on the Apple TV and on the Macs.

iOS 15 Supported Devices

Along with Golden Master version of iOS 15 Apple has also published third beta of iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1. In addition to the tenth beta of tvOS 15. The list is also joined by macOS Catalina 11.15 beta 8 and Xcode 12 Golden Master.

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How to download iOS 15 (GM) Golden Master

With the introduction of three new iPhone models by Apple, the testing process of iOS 15 during the summer period has also come to an end. Developers can now install the final version of iOS 15 on their compatible devices from Settings> General> Software Update.

Make a complete iTunes backup of your data before installing the beta software.

  • Open the public beta page on the device you are about to install Apple’s iOS 13 beta.
  • Download the beta profile found here and save it to your device.
  • Go to Settings> General> Software update and then you should see iOS 13 beta. Press the “Download and Install” button.
  • After the beta is downloaded, your device will restart. When it restarts, the beta software will be running.

In order to download the update, it is necessary to be registered with Apple’s Developer Program or the public Beta Software Program. Upload the appropriate configuration profile to the device from the program pages.

Included with iOS 15 GM are a few wallpapers that weren’t available in the beta versions of iOS 15 sofar.

Users who aren’t enrolled in either of Apple’s programs can install the iOS 15 Golden Master on their iOS devices by using our guide below.

Let us remind you that the iOS 15 final version, which will be released next week. Cannot be installed on devices with iOS 15 GM. This is due to the fact that the final version of iOS15 and iOS 15 Golden Master are the same versions.

Date and availability of iOS 15 and the rest of operating systems

Now, when will iOS15 finally reach all users along with other operating systems? Apple has announced during this keynote the exact days on which operating systems will be available to all users.

iOS15 and iPadOS: September 19

These final versions will reach all users with a compatible device. It will only be necessary to update the device when the notification appears in the device settings automatically.


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