ios 15 beta 2 release date

iOS 15 Beta 2 Release Date

iOS 15 Beta 2 Release Date. As soon as the WWDC 2021 keynote is over, Apple will release first beta version of iOS 15 for developers. It’s beta that we can all easily install on our iPhone, and it works pretty well for the actual initial release, with just a handful of annoying bugs. (It usually happens)

Now that it has been more than a week since its launch. One of the questions to be resolved is when the beta 2 of iOS 15 will be released. Apple said that the public beta would come out throughout the month of July, and this public beta usually coincide with developer beta 2, so we can get an idea based on this data.

When will Apple release iOS 15 beta 2 to developers?

iOS 15 Beta 2 Release Date: July 14

Normally Apple usually releases a new beta version every two weeks, at least that is usually the initial plan if there is no serious bug to fix. With these release deadlines in mind, the iOS 15 beta 2 should arrive next week. The first beta version of iOS 15 was released on June 22. So the second beta will probably launch in the first week of July. That is, between Monday 6 and Tuesday 7 July. The release of this second beta version of iOS15 could also coincide with the launch of the public beta version of the operating system.

From here, it is normal for Apple to release a new update every two weeks. The iOS15 developer beta is likely to arrive on Monday and on Tuesday, if nothing strange has been found, Apple will release the public beta update.

This year, in addition to iOS15 and iPadOS 15, Apple will also release a public beta of watchOS 8 for all first-time Apple Watch users. Public betas usually arrive at the same time, so we may also see the macOS Big Sur beta.

Despite being just speculation, the most normal thing is that next Monday. We will see an update of the iOS15 beta and the public version will arrive on Tuesday. In these early beta versions is where we find the most changes, and we usually see 8 or 9 beta versions before the final Golden Master version arrives in September. We’ll see how Apple adjusts the deadlines now that we know the iPhone 13 could be quite late, and official iOS updates usually appear shortly after the iPhone’s launch.

How to install (or uninstall) iOS15 Beta 2 on your iPhone

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