How to install (or uninstall) iOS 15 Beta 2

How to install (or uninstall) iOS 15 Beta 2 on your iPhone

How to install (or uninstall) iOS 15 Beta 2 on your iPhone. You can test the next version of iOS now by installing the beta of iOS 15 on your iPhone. Apple generally makes public beta software available months before the official release of a new version of iOS. This means you can get new features before anyone else.

iOS 15 Beta 3 Release Date: July 24

We will show you how to install the public beta version of iOS 15 for free using Apple’s beta software program. These same steps will also work for installing the iPadOS 15 beta 2 on an iPad.

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A word of caution about beta software

By its very nature, beta software is unfinished. This means that it will probably be less reliable, with more software bugs than you are used to. The beta software can even cause data loss or battery drain on your iPhone.

If you need your iPhone to work perfectly, both for work and family, you should not install beta software on it. Instead, find a replacement iPhone to use with the public beta of iOS 15.

With that said, we’ll also show you how to uninstall iOS 15 public beta, in case you change your mind after installing it.

Public beta and developer software

There are two versions of iOS 15 beta 2 available: public and developer. Typically, Apple releases the developer beta a few weeks before the public beta, allowing developers to tweak their apps in preparation for a public release.

The Apple Developer Beta is only available to members of the iOS Developer Program. This costs $ 99 / year and comes with access to testing and analysis tools, along with the ability to launch apps on the App Store.

If you don’t want to pay for the iOS Developer Program, Apple usually releases the public beta only a couple of weeks later. These versions come from Apple’s beta software program, which allows anyone to install beta software on their devices.

Many people don’t want to pay $ 99 / year to join the iOS Developer Program. So we will focus on how to install the iOS 15 public beta.

How to install the public beta version of iOS 15 on your iPhone

There are only three steps you need to take to install the public beta version of iOS 15 on your iPhone. The whole process takes a couple of hours, depending on the amount of data on your iPhone and the speed of your internet connection.

Make sure your iPhone is fully charged and you have plenty of time before starting.

Store a backup of your iPhone

Every time you backup your iPhone, delete the existing backup to create a new one. Backups you take with iOS15 beta may not work if you restore iOS 13. To protect your data, you need to store an iOS 13 backup now so that you can use it if you uninstall the beta iOS 15 release in the future.

When you archive a backup, it means that your iPhone won’t delete it during future backups. If you don’t create an archived backup with iOS 13, you may lose all data on your iPhone if the iOS 15 public beta doesn’t work properly.

Use a computer with macOS Catalina or later or iTunes to create an archived backup:

  1. Open Finder or iTunes on your computer and select your iPhone from the sidebar. If prompted, unlock your iPhone and agree to trust this computer.
  2. Go to General tab in Finder or Summary tab in iTunes and choose to backup all data on your iPhone. If you also want to keep passwords and confidential data, enable the encrypted backup option and create a memorable password.
  3. Click Backup Now and wait for the backup to complete.
  4. After the backup, click Manage Backup and click the Ctrl key or right-click the backup you just made and select Archive. A lock should appear next to the backup to show that it is archived.

Sign up for your iPhone in Apple’s beta software program

To install the public beta version of iOS 15, you need to register your iPhone with Apple’s beta software program. You can do this by installing an iOS 15 Beta 2 software profile on your iPhone, which allows you to download the public beta version of iOS 15 as a software update.

First, you need to sign up for Apple’s beta software program with your Apple ID. This is completely free, unlike the iOS Developer Program, which guarantees even earlier access to beta software.

To sign up and register your iPhone for Apple’s beta software program:

Visit and sign up for the Apple Software beta program using your Apple ID. Accept the terms and conditions to complete the registration process.
Now open Safari on your iPhone and go to Tap Download profile and Allow Safari to download a configuration profile.
When the download is complete, open Settings and tap Downloaded profile to install the profile. Alternatively, go to Settings> General> Profile to see all the downloaded profiles and install it from there.
Follow the prompts to enter the passcode and restart your iPhone to complete the iOS 15 beta 2 profile installation.

Check for software updates to install iOS 15 Beta 2

All you have to do now is check for new software updates on your iPhone. With the iOS 15 Beta 2 Software Profile installed, your iPhone should download the iOS 15 Public Beta as a software update.

Depending on your Internet connection, it may take a few hours to download and install the update on the iPhone.

Make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi with a lot of battery (or keep it connected), then:

  1. Go to Settings> General> Software Update.
  2. Wait for your iPhone to check for new updates.
  3. Tap Download and Install to install the public beta of iOS 15 on your iPhone.

How to uninstall the public beta version of iOS 15 from your iPhone

You may not want to keep the iOS 15 public beta software installed on your iPhone if it is too buggy or unreliable. After all, many third-party apps have yet to release updates to make them work perfectly on the new software, and Apple is still working to fix their software bugs.

If you want to uninstall iOS 15 beta 2 from your iPhone, you have two possible options.

Remove iOS 15 beta 2 profile and wait for an update

The easiest way to uninstall iOS 15beta from your iPhone is to remove the beta profile from your settings. After doing so, your iPhone will stop looking for thebeta software for iOS 15 to be installed and instead install the next iOS 14 update from Apple versions.

To remove the iOS 15 Beta software profile:

  1. Go to Settings> General> Profile and tap on the iOS 15 Beta software profile. (iOS 15 Beta 2 Profile)
  2. Touch Delete profile, then enter the passcode and confirm that you want to delete it.
  3. Go to Settings> General> Software Update and check for new updates.

It may be necessary to wait for Apple to release a new iOS 13 update for installation, if one is not available now. Usually Apple releases new updates every two weeks, so you shouldn’t wait long.

Erase your iPhone using recovery mode

If you want to uninstall iOS 15beta immediately without waiting for Apple to release a new software update, the only option is to erase your iPhone using recovery mode.

Erasing your iPhone removes all content: photos, messages, apps, and more. If you followed the steps above, you should be able to restore an archived backup after erasing your iPhone to get back the lost data.

Unfortunately, this backup will not contain any data added to your iPhone after creating the backup. The only way to keep this data is to follow the first uninstall option above.

The steps to enter recovery mode vary depending on your particular iPhone, but they all involve connecting the iPhone to a computer running macOS Catalina or later or iTunes. Follow these instructions to access recovery mode on your iPhone. Then choose to restore your iPhone when prompted in Finder or iTunes.

After restoring your iPhone, choose to restore the backup stored in Finder or iTunes.

The best iPhone features are here

There are a lot of cool features on iPhone with iOS 15, but there are already a lot of great iPhone features on iOS 13 that most people are unaware of. It may not be necessary to install the publicbeta version of iOS 15 if all you want is some new features to play.

Take a look at these secret iPhone features that already existed in iOS 13. You can use them to pay for dinner, measure physical items, share your location, and more.

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