How to install iOS 15 Beta

How to install iOS 15 Beta

How to install iOS 15 Beta 3. Apple will release the new iOS 15 Beta operating system for developers for iPhone, iPod and iPad next year.

iOS 15 Beta 3 Release Date: July 24

If you are not in the skin and you are anxious to download and try iOS 15 Beta on your iPhone, iPad or iPod immediately without having a developer account, below I will explain how to do it quickly and easily.

Just a few steps will take you to download 15 to your Apple device right away: in this way you can preview all the innovations introduced by the company with this software update.

iOS 15 Supported Devices

Things to know before proceeding!

  • iOS 15 is still in Beta phase, so bugs and problems are on the agenda. Install it at your own risk, aware of the fact that you are installing an OS that is still unstable and full of various problems
  • Make a backup before proceeding (although you will NOT be able to restore it after you have updated to iOS15)
  • DO NOT install the Beta on the device you use every day, you would encounter too many bugs and problems
  • Once the Beta is installed, you will receive OTA updates directly from Apple when they become available
  • Downloading the file weighs 2-3 GB, so make sure you have free space on your Apple device and a fast internet connection
  • Make sure you have at least 50% of your battery charged before proceeding
  • Your device will NOT be formatted during the update: your data will remain in place
  • Having said that, we can proceed.

Install iOS 15 Beta without developer account

Thanks to the Beta Profile of iPadOS 15, just one click, no Windows or Mac PC is needed. You can do everything directly from your Apple device. Here are the simple steps to follow to reach your goal:

  • from your iOS device, open Safari and go HERE (iOS 15 Beta Profile)
  • select the window with iOS 15 Download
  • click on the Download button and download the file
  • install profile (from iOS Settings)
  • restart your iOS device
  • go to Settings and look for software updates
  • you will find the download of iOS15 Beta
  • start the download and wait for the end
  • install the update
  • enjoy iOS15 Beta


We concluded with this guide that explains how to download, install and try iOS15 Beta immediately without a developer account and completely free of charge.

In case of doubts, problems or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article.

If you try iOS15 Beta, let us know in the comments how you are and what you think of this new operating system!

iOS15 Beta Release Date

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